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    Saudi American Association of Special Education

  • background

    Saudi American Association of Special Education

  • background

    Saudi American Association of Special Education

  • background

    Saudi American Association of Special Education


In alignment with Saudi’s government to develop the country’s resources and depend on the young Saudi generation through its 2030 vision, and the Ministry of Education’s goal and mission to serve individuals with special needs, we established the Saudi American Association for Special Education (SAASPED). The SAASPED’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals with special needs and their families inside and out side Saudi Arabia through enhancing the special education researchers and teachers’ skills and knowledge.

This association intends to be the first and lead one in Saudi Arabia specifically and Arabic world through designating the best Saudi scholars who have different educational backgrounds (e.g., America, United Kingdom, Australia, Arab universities). We also plan to partner with the best associations interested in supporting and helping individuals with special needs locally and internationally in order to convey and be up-to-date with the newest theoretical and practical knowledge in special education.


Improving the lives of special needs and their families through:
- Enabling and empowering them to be integrated and included socially and academically
- Providing them with the support and help needed.

Our Message

- Creating a social and academic opportunities for individuals with special needs in order to make them integrated socially and academically, which ultimately makes them feel belong to the society where they live in.
- Decreasing the emergence of disabilities in the new generation through educating scholars, families, and teachers.

Our Goals








Any Saudi Arabian citizen is entitled to be a member as long as he/she believes in the association’s missions.
The Working member

Saudi students who study in American or Saudi universities.

The participating member

Saudi citizens who intend to join in order participate in the association’s activities.

The honoring member

The members who get invited to become members of the association based on their social or academic status.


Members do not lose their memberships except the following situations

- Resignation
- Committing or exhibiting unacceptable actions or behaviors
- Exhibiting any discriminatory behaviors or actions
- If the association’s commission believe in imposing fee for the membership

The Administrative Structure

  • Ameen Ali Alhaznawi

    The President
    Ameen is a lecturer in the Department of Special Education at University of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Special Education & leadership at Concordia University Chicago. He had a master degree from Minnesota State University – Mankato in Special education – learning disabilities. His research interest in post secondary education, mathematics calculations and problem solving, and laws & policy.
  • Asma Nasser Alzahrani

    The Vice President
    Asma is a lecturer in the department of Special Education at Al Majmaah University in Saudi Arabia, and a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Special Education at Gorge Mason University. She had a master degree from The University of Akron in Special education. Her research interests include educating nonverbal children with autism, integrating technology into the classroom, to the early childhood education.
  • Abdullah Almulla

    The Treasury
    Abdullah is a lecturer at King Faisal University in AlHasa, and a Doctoral student in Concordia University Chicago in Illinois. his major is Special Education. His interesting research: effectiveness of using assistive technology in learning disabilities.
  • Turkey Alzahrani

    The head of science of special education committee
    Turkey Alzahrani is an instructor in the Department of Special Education at Al-Jouf University, and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas. His lines of inquiry include: evidence-based practices, reading comprehension, and teacher education.
  • Abdullah Al Majeed

    The Head of Public & Media Affair Committee
    Abdullah is a faculty member at special education department at the University of Hail and special education candidate at Concordia University Chicago CUC. His research interest in Autism and assistive technology.
  • Mohamed Aladsani

    The Head of Administrative Committee
    Mohamed is a lecturer at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University in Saudi Arabia and a Ph.D candidate in Assessment/Learning in Special Education at Duquesne University. His research interest in training the general education teachers to implement the approach of Universal Design for Learning in inclusive classrooms.
  • Abdullah Alshehri

    The Director of Public Affair Committee
    Abdullah is a Ph.D. Candidate in special education at The State University of New York at Buffalo, as well as a graduate student in Applied Behavior Analysis. His research interests include using the science and application of Applied Behavior Analysis to work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. His other current research areas include teacher and staff training, as well as policy and advocacy concerning individuals with disabilities and their families.

Contact Us

location_on 8500 Hilltop Rd
Fairfax, VA 22031

phone 331-245-8838

email info@saasped.com